Flix Cloud Enters Public Beta

Today is a big day for Sevenwire, Zencoder, and On2. Flix Cloud has entered public beta. Flix Cloud is built on top of Zencoder, our commercial video transcoding product. We have been hard at work on Zencoder 2.0 for months and today you can get a taste of it through Flix Cloud.

A quick list of features:

  • Runs on EC2 for optimal scaling
  • Moves files in and out of S3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS
  • One of the only VP6 transcoding solutions on the web
  • Asymmetrical pricing (different price in and out) that saves money
  • Easy to use RESTful API

Go, sign up, and transcode!

Most agencies want to build it, bill it, and move on. Not us. We’re in it for the long haul. Nearly every client we’ve ever had is still our client and those applications are still running at full speed.


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